The DMO approaches tourism in a sustainable and sensitive manner given the unique local culture and biodiversity.
The DMO strategy project started off with a participatory process that involves all the tourism stakeholders...

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Marketing Solutions

Destination management organizations together with international marketing experts develop a Regional tourism marketing plan for Korca Region. DMO led the implementation process, provided marketing materials...

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DMO has been working at local and regional level in Albania and is building the capacity of tourism service providers and responsible local and regional governments on the ground to deal with tourism.

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eTourism revolutionizes all business processes, the entire value chain as well as the strategic relationships of tourism organizations with all their stakeholders. 

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Study visit of farmers in EU country on introduction of new agricultural practices economic and environmental sustainable

Study visit of farmers in EU country on introduction of new agricultural practices economic and environmental sustainable

Following the fourth activity under the IPA Project "Innovative Practices in Environmental Protection", 10 farmers participated in the 7 days study visit in Italy, Ferrara – Regio Emiglia from 17 -23 of April. During the study visit participants had the possibility to experience concretely peculiarities and economic vitality of no pesticides and herbicides agriculture and share a set of best practices on sustainable farming with a special focus on eco-friendly agricultural practices and organic food production. The study visit focus was to approach areas and kind of production with strong similarity with the Korca region, stressing the relation among eco-friendly agriculture and sustainable economic profits.

The farmers have seen concretely the implementation of what they learned during the trainings, sharing the best practices and learning from the best. (see the Agenda activity)

VivaiZanzi was the company the farmers visited. (

For years Vivai Zanzi is a point of reference for all the fruit and vegetable sector, with a great wealth of experience and professionalism. It offers dozens of varieties selected and innovative, accompanied by a quality technical support and a comprehensive database. It is an international company active in Europe, Asia, Middle East and North Africa, with a growing percentage of exports. Annually produces over 3 million fruit trees and 15 million strawberry plants. Holds licenses for multiplication of the most important varieties on the market and collaborates with leading research centers, universities, institutes and experimentation centers. It is made of motivated and competent professionals in the field.